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What is the meaning of Nic in Hindi?

Meaning of Nic in Hindi is :

Definition of word Nic

  • A diminutive of the female given names Nicola, Nichola, and Nicole. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Nic

  • Overheard at Mike's office, on why Nic is so jumpy, Oh I don't know.
  • For example, David claims his son was 17 when he started experimenting with drugs, but in Tweak we find Nic is 11 when he starts.
  • Nic is highly responsible and practical, but has a slight drinking problem.
  • Americans, Nic is pulled into a woman's harrowing search for the truth…
  • PAULA NEWTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Miles, you know as Nic was saying, the government in Lebanon says it doesn't have any control over Hezbollah.


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