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What is the meaning of Natal in Hindi?

Meaning of Natal in Hindi is : प्रसव

Definition of word Natal

  • A seaport and the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. (proper noun)
    एक बंदरगाह और रियो ग्रांडे डो नॉर्ट, ब्राजील की राज्य की राजधानी।

Examples of word Natal

  • Durban, the port of Natal, is one of our biggest bunkering ports, and next month there will be open in Natal a section of the railways about 200 miles long to be worked by electrification power.
  • The general opinion seems to be that Microsoft's Natal is more useful to a wider audience than Sony's (I interviewed Sony about its motion control scheme and this idea of a core-versus-casual divide here).
  • But, personally, Natal is the only large-scale revelation that's really taken root in my mind.
  • My interest was most piqued by the Sony conference, mostly because I'm a lot less interested in Natal than other people.
  • I think Microsoft's Project Natal is easily more marketable and has a bigger "wow" factor that Sony's motion controller doesn't – because it's too similar to the Wii Remote.
  • Natal is just the start of ambitious plans Microsoft has for trailblazingNUI computing.
  • If Natal is as awesome as it is this is a FATALITY Blow on any wii stuff out there at the present and future times!
  • Natal is just a tool, and the really big responsibility lies on honest reviews, and if positive, then creative developers.
  • Natal is a very different type of "motion controller."