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What is the meaning of NGO in Hindi?

Meaning of NGO in Hindi is :
गैर सरकारी संगठन

Definition of word ngo

    Examples of word ngo

    • In Cantonese, the first person ngo is shortened to o by many young speakers.
    • My guess is that Sarah is going to head up the new Alaskan ngo, Wolves For Christ. sg
    • Cilantro can substitute for ngo gai, which is also called saw-leaf or coarse coriander.
    • Remember that Haven helped them with latrines and ACF or an other ngo are still supplying them with water trucks.
    • NGO bias is being monitored at ngo-monitor. org, an Israel-based organisation set up to identify and document NGOs, with noble stated aims, who seem unable to remain neutral in the issues of the Middle East.

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