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What is the meaning of NGO in Hindi?

Meaning of NGO in Hindi is :

Definition of word NGO

  • Non-Governmental Organization (initialism)

Examples of word NGO

  • The answer might lie with the Haitian Grassroots organization, Ayiti Kale Je, that suggests the term NGO is a misnomer, "since many are direct subcontractors of the United States and other governments," making them Haiti's largest employer.
  • No wonder the term NGO has become a dirty word in Peru.
  • The self-styled "international community" (read Western powers) and meddling India as well as several foreign-funded fronts with the label NGO but actually functioning as foreign spy agencies carried on psychological warfare.
  • This NGO is a rather well-known one that receives a lot of funds and publicity, and I somehow feel as though they are taking clients from organizations that would potentially be doing more comprehensive prevention education.
  • A Kolkata based NGO is pursuing map literacy programme in West Bengal since 2004.


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