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What is the meaning of Mum in Hindi?

Meaning of Mum in Hindi is : शांत

Definition of word Mum

  • One's mother (proper noun)
    किसी की माँ

Examples of word Mum

  • I phoned my mum whilst doing the rounds to check that Jean etc... was ok - no one else had awoken and I begian to doubt myself especially when Mum said 'you sure you didn't have a dizzy spell.'
  • KRYSTAL'S MUM: Mum and I talked about this and I said, "I feel like I've given this to my daughter," and Mum said, "Well, what about how I've given this to you?"
  • Thank goodness my Mum is an Xtian and said that they had been wanting to spend time doing Xmas lunch for people who had no one to spend it with and this was a great opportunity.
  • I suspect my Mum is a prime candidate for Imagine: Kitten Stroking, mind.
  • She gets a boyfriend - complete waster, his Mum is an alcoholic and regular drug user.
  • My step Mum is a career counsellor at a university and also runs her own business assisting people to transit careers midlife.
  • Mum is telling to me eat up my chopped tomato, and I am not cooperating.
  • The drugged-out Mum is genius: motivation, psychological torment and a reason for that odd weapons cache that appeared out of nowhere.