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What is the meaning of Mt in Hindi?

Meaning of Mt in Hindi is : पर्वत

Definition of word Mt

  • mitochondrial (adjective)
  • mitochondrion or mitochondria (initialism)
    माइटोकॉन्ड्रिया या माइटोकॉन्ड्रिया
  • Mount (in the names of mountains) (abbreviation)
    पर्वत (पहाड़ों के नाम पर)

Examples of word Mt

  • Yes | No | Report from 16gapheasantphiend wrote 47 weeks 3 days ago of course not a replacement, but lessons can be learned this way and in mt opinion mjuch better to realize that you WILL GET CAUGHT if you break the rules!!
  • Thanks P, I ` m afraid I accept that few are interested in mt nonsense
  • Maxine said ... ok, i have put andersonville in mt amazon basket (one-handed typing) 3: 30 PM
  • This very thing happened to a little girl in mt God daughter’s Girl Scout troop last August.
  • Yes | No | Report from hogdog3f wrote 51 weeks 3 days ago my favorite call is my slate made by kokomo game calls in mt. union, pa. gets em every time!! kaboom!!!
  • Every once in a while I have to go into the MT install directory in cgi-bin and just rename the mt-comments. cgi file to something different and then update that in mt. cfg.
  • It's just that there have a been a few things going on ... just, y'know, possibilities ... that have been calling mt name lately.
  • Some trivia: "Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt" - true?