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What is the meaning of Morocco in Hindi?

Meaning of Morocco in Hindi is : मोरोक्को (चमडा

Definition of word Morocco

  • A soft leather, made from goatskin, used especially in bookbinding. (noun)
    एक नरम चमड़ा, जो बकरियों की खाल से बना होता है, विशेष रूप से बुकबाइंडिंग में उपयोग किया जाता है।

Examples of word Morocco

  • He would publish 1,000 copies of each book; 500 in morocco and 500 in cloth boards of smooth red, magenta, puce or dark blue.
  • Handwritten and illustrated by Rowling herself and bound in morocco leather, silver ornaments, and semi-precious stones, The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of five wizarding fairy tales.
  • stupidity is everywhere… we had a map of the world hanging in class (in israel) and one girl points at morocco (next to the word morocco) and says: this is israel, right?
  • Be sure and see that you have a coarse-grained levant morocco, which is much handsomer than the less good hard fine-grained morocco; of course it should be a polished or crushed levant binding, though when you see the pattern piece of leather it will be rough and unpolished.
  • The old binders used to be given forests that they might always have a supply of the skins of wild animals; the modern binder has to content himself with importing morocco, which is far the best leather there is, and is very much to be preferred to calf.
  • Here are to be found not only the silks and pottery, the Jewish goldsmiths 'work, the arms and embroidered saddlery which the city itself produces, but "morocco" from Marrakech, rugs, tent-hangings and matting from Rabat and Salé, grain baskets from
  • This is the chief of the Guild of "morocco" workers of
  • Marrakech, the road to founders of tower of the Koutoubya at palace of the Bahia at the lamp-lighters of mixed population of bazaars of the "morocco" workers of olive-yards of the Menara of
  • Leathers with a prominent grained surface, such as morocco, seal or pig skin, may either have the grain rough or crushed flat.