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What is the meaning of Moor in Hindi?

Meaning of Moor in Hindi is : हबशी

Definition of word Moor

  • A member of an ancient Berber people from Numidia. (noun)
    न्यूमिडिया के एक प्राचीन बर्बर लोगों का सदस्य।

Examples of word Moor

  • Perhaps it was a baby wild cat of Bodmin Moor, who knows?
  • It is high on the edges of Bodmin Moor, north of the ancient market town of Bodmin.
  • Spanish named them indiscriminately _Mauros_, and _Moors_ they have been ever since; but the name Moor can be traced back as far as 23 A.D., when
  • Your typical Moor is a handsome fellow, characterised by marked dignity of demeanour, and distinctly intellectual.
  • And he called a Moor who spake the mixed language, and instructed him how to get out of the city by night, so that the
  • My husband and son were ready to go off-roading, and so we turned off onto what was really a goat superhighway on the side of Bodmin Moor, which, running at a higher gradient than the road we’d left behind, allowed us to watch the poor folk stuck in the jam as we whizzed by them.