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What is the meaning of Methedrine in Hindi?

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Definition of word Methedrine

Examples of word Methedrine

  • His mood only improved when he was at last, surprisingly, able to source a supply of Methedrine from the local doctor that his trip to London had failed to secure ... mum even had to chop up furniture to have a fire in the open grate
  • " (Priscilla nodded, vigorously.) "But your man ignores your frosty exchange, and he begins to sniff her up and down, only this time the deeply scalloped wings o" his snout are beatin" like a fat swan trapped in a wind tunnel, flappin" like an archangel on Methedrine, she is gettin" through to him on the olfactory level.
  • Unfortunately, the problem with “Tina” – Methedrine – has reached epic proportions around the country.
  • Meanwhile, near the end of the report, Levin reported on the fact that an actor starring on the “Office” got busted recently for “Methedrine”.
  • Methedrine and amphetamine use will inhibit potency.
  • I'1t shoot it right into your veins vith a Methedrine chaser. '
  • Methedrine and other amphetamines -- which, though not as addictive, can be as ravaging of mind and body as cocaine -- have for decades alternated with cocaine as the stimulants of choice, according to shifts in price and supply.
  • I’ll shoot it right into your veins with a Methedrine chaser.