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What is the meaning of Merlot in Hindi?

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Meaning of Merlot in Hindi is :

Definition of word Merlot

  • A dry red wine of a certain French type. (noun)

Examples of word Merlot

  • Perhaps Merlot is a grape that truly reflects the terroir in a very pure way.
  • The 2004 Merlot is blended with 17% Cabernet Franc and has a long -- somewhat peppery finish.
  • But aren't we wasting breath speculating on the potential of Merlot from the FL?
  • Merlot is not a feature grape in parts of Bordeaux but it is very important in all of Bordeaux.
  • Merlot is also considered by many to be a cool climate grape along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
  • Merlot is still rather middling in the bigger picture.

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