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What is the meaning of MLA in Hindi?

Meaning of MLA in Hindi is :

Definition of word MLA

Examples of word MLA

  • Mindful Metropolis minorities mla manual of style moderation modernism modular
  • Reader Courtney reports that Dawn containers, once a proud 740 ml, have now shrunk to a mere 650 mla loss of 90 ml of bleach-alternative cleanliness!
  • For more detail, see the MLA's website at www. mla.org.
  • Calcutta, the Director of Public Instruction wrote to inquire whether he had yet left S.mla; but the sweet blow did not fall with any precision or certainty until the newspaper arrived containing his name immediately under that of Herr Vanrig and Mme. Dansky in the list of passengers who had sailed per S.S. Dupleix on the fifteenth of June for Colombo.
  • S.mla is quite cold in winter, being 7,084 feet above the sea and situated on the thirty-second parallel of north latitude, about the same as Charleston, S. C., but in summer the climate is very fine.


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