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What is the meaning of MC in Hindi?

Meaning of MC in Hindi is : सेना पदक{ब्रिटेन में}

Definition of word MC

  • megacycles, megahertz (abbreviation)
    मेगासाइकिल, मेगाहर्ट्ज़
  • son of (prefix)
    का बेटा

Examples of word MC

    • No one in Mc Cain's campaign staff had to do a thing to make her look bad.
    • Be silence or change your party and Join Mc Cain, cause this party is all about change and bring about changes to white house.
    • It is true that regardless of age, if you speak from your heart, you can give a good speech and be able to convince people but I dont see that in Mc Bush.
    • Medium walk to the biggest Mall in Mc Allen on South 10th st.