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What is the meaning of M in Hindi?

Meaning of M in Hindi is : विवाहित

Definition of word M

  • The thirteenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
  • mega- (noun)
  • : Messier number. Objects in Charles Messier's catalog of Nebulae and Star Clusters in 1774 are numbered, and the letter M (for Messier) is prepended to these numbers, as in M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) or M13 (the globular cluster in Hercules). (noun)
  • IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for methionine (noun)
  • The Roman numeral M (1,000) (noun)
  • The thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, called em and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • The ordinal number thirteenth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called em and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • Monsieur (initialism)
  • male (initialism)
  • Monday (initialism)
  • Mother (initialism)
  • mature (initialism)
  • nautical mile (initialism)
  • Medium (initialism)
  • Michigan. Usage note: this designation is usually used only within Michigan. (initialism)
  • the number of minutes a player spent at the crease (initialism)
  • the number of maiden overs bowled (initialism)

Examples of word M

  • The cube ABCD-G is derived from the square ABCD by letting ABCD move one foot in a direction perpendicular to its two dimensions; its M lines and M² points describe respectively M squares and M² lines; accordingly ABCD-G contains M squares, M² lines, and M³ points.
  • The unit AB may be regarded as made up of an indefinitely large number M of points arranged continuously from A to B; the square ABCD then contains M×M = M² points; and the cube ABCD-G contains M×M X M = M³ points.
  • Memorable Ones: Sperm wriggling their way into an egg; a tapeworm being removed from an artery of a very fleshy arm; happy little M& M figures sending cartoon messages to a cartoon brain.
  • M@, Dean, Kim_in_TO, Dharma, Nigel Patel, Jen, M Yass are all friends of mine and wmtc fans, but are also honest, forthright people who would politely but clearly tell me if they thought I was out of line.
  • A scientific naturalist is in principle happy to say that if a mathematical theory M is scientifically superior but mathematically inferior to another mathematical theory M* then M should be preferred to M* (the next paragraph contains an example).


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