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What is the meaning of M in Hindi?

Meaning of M in Hindi is : मीटर
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Definition of word M

  • The 13th letter of the modern English alphabet. (noun)
  • Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter m. (noun)
  • The 13th in a series. (noun)
  • Something shaped like the letter M. (noun)
  • Grammar masculine (abbreviation)
  • Physics mass (abbreviation)
  • meter (measurement) (abbreviation)
  • minute (abbreviation)
  • Physics modulus (abbreviation)

Examples of word M

  • SAMUEL THOMPSON, SOMER THOMPSON ` S FATHER: All I can say is I ` m-- I ` m handling it just as any father would whose daughter has been taken from him.
  • And I ` m-- not to say that I ` m accusing him of murdering Haleigh, because Haleigh is not found.
  • I ` m-- the world that I ` m in, it ` s so fast phased.
  • GEORGE ANTHONY: And I ` m-- I ` m trusting the people who told me that because they want us to have that time, OK?
  • CASEY ANTHONY: Because I ` m scared and I ` m-- I know I ` m running out of options.

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