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What is the meaning of M in Hindi?

Meaning of M in Hindi is : विवाहित

Definition of word M

  • The thirteenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
    मूल आधुनिक लैटिन वर्णमाला का तेरहवाँ अक्षर।
  • Monsieur (initialism)

Examples of word M

  • The unit AB may be regarded as made up of an indefinitely large number M of points arranged continuously from A to B; the square ABCD then contains M×M = M² points; and the cube ABCD-G contains M×M X M = M³ points.
  • The cube ABCD-G is derived from the square ABCD by letting ABCD move one foot in a direction perpendicular to its two dimensions; its M lines and M² points describe respectively M squares and M² lines; accordingly ABCD-G contains M squares, M² lines, and M³ points.
  • Memorable Ones: Sperm wriggling their way into an egg; a tapeworm being removed from an artery of a very fleshy arm; happy little M& M figures sending cartoon messages to a cartoon brain.
  • M@, Dean, Kim_in_TO, Dharma, Nigel Patel, Jen, M Yass are all friends of mine and wmtc fans, but are also honest, forthright people who would politely but clearly tell me if they thought I was out of line.
  • A scientific naturalist is in principle happy to say that if a mathematical theory M is scientifically superior but mathematically inferior to another mathematical theory M* then M should be preferred to M* (the next paragraph contains an example).
  • Also putting dirty clothes in the laundry (rather than on the floor), cleaning their room every weekend, opening the shades in the morning (E), closing the shades at night (M), helping fold laundry and doing the recycling (M--yes, her list has more than E's, but she's 10 and E is 6, and M did bupkis when she was 6, so everyone calmed down about that).
  • But the prospects for the evening suck NOT YOUR FAULT, M--M has just discovered Google Reader and her feeds are People, Go Fug Yourself, Red Sox News, and me, which means I can no longer hope that she'll miss a post.
  • Although, since B and P are labials, you take the B from the broccoi for the first letter and make it a P, shift the initial T from "tomato" to where the M is, remove the M--then you have "potato." posted by Glaukôpis at 5:44 PM