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  • For less than the price of a 2 star room in Lorne, we got air con, quirky Malaysian TV, a modern bathroom and a king size bed.
  • The Black Fox of Lorne is illustrated but not a picture book as the others, and is a book for children of perhaps 10 or 11 to read to themselves.
  • Marchioness of Lorne, is an active president, is little more than seven years old.
  • Borrowing from Lorne‚Äôs strongest character-trait, Byrne weaves an excellent story around the Music of the Spheres, an adventure in which Lorne is indispensable for obvious reasons.
  • "My boss invited us," explained Mr. Sudeikis, referring to Lorne Michaels , the "Saturday Night Live" producer who was also in attendance.
  • Hallett played Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, a k a Lorne, "The Host" who specialized in reading people's auras as he induced them to sing karaoke yes, I know that sounds incredibly silly, but awfully entertaining too.
  • His character was great (Not to mention the little BSG Classic joke of his name Lorne "Greene."