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What is the meaning of Liberate in Hindi?

Meaning of Liberate in Hindi is : स्वाधीन करना

Definition of word Liberate

Examples of word Liberate

  • As a means of communicating and wrestling with his inner life -- his journey of faith -- Greg Fromholz, an American expatriate youth worker for the Church of Ireland in Dublin, wrote a book titled "Liberate Eden," but traditional publishing houses found that his work was a bit too iconoclastic for their tastes.
  • ~ ABC, NBC "Liberate" Presidential Video -- "Today, a right-left alliance praised ABC and NBC for joining CNN in liberating presidential debate video - allowing footage to be legally shared, blogged, excerpted, and put on sites like YouTube."
  • For your kind information Saladin did not invade Jerusalem but "Liberate" it from barbarians like you.
  • If it had been offensive to Him, is it not marvelous that He did not say "Liberate," instead of "do no work on the seventh day."
  • Then Larry offers a post called Liberate Athens where he makes this excellent point about America’s stake in what goes on in the rest of the world:


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