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What is the meaning of Law in Hindi?

Meaning of Law in Hindi is : सिसान्त

Definition of word Law

  • A patronymic surname. (proper-noun)
  • A diminutive of Lawrence. (proper-noun)
  • A topographic surname, perhaps originally meaning someone who lives near a burial mound. (proper-noun)
  • a conical hill (proper-noun)
  • the Torah (proper-noun)
  • a generic term which can refer to the Divine commandments (primarily the Decalogue), the Old Testament in general or, most specifically, the Torah. (proper-noun)
  • Examples of word Law

    • Next week, Aidan O'Neill--who is a Catholic and a British lawyer--will engage in a disputatio at Princeton University with Robby George, as part a conference on law and religion sponsored by Princeton's Program in Law and Public Affairs.
    • Being as I am, you know, a fan of law and order as well as Law and Order.
    • In his note Medina says that this cedula was not in the _Recopilacion_, but referring back to the note on p. xxiv, we find that he there prints a law of the same content and date, cited as Law 3, Title XXIV, Book 1 of the
    • Law of Love and Love as a Law_; Edwards A. Park (born 1808), whose leading work was on the _A.onement_; A.bert {605} Taylor Bledsoe
    • Love gave notice that he would on to-morrow ask leave to introduce a bill to be entitled an act to regulate the mode and manner of admitting persons to practice law in the several Courts of Law and Equity in this State;


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