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What is the meaning of Latitude in Hindi?

Meaning of Latitude in Hindi is : स्वाधीनता

Definition of word Latitude

Examples of word Latitude

  • Whenever the word "Latitude" was mentioned, I ignored it, except to observe that my mother lived a dozen miles to the south, near Aldeburgh, and we could all stay with her and go over to the festival for the day: a suggestion that was not treated with the seriousness it deserved.
  • M.G. Preston's "Extreme Latitude" is a story set in an antarctic research station.
  • Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Changes in Latitude ...
  • Apple has refused to approve two Google applications for distribution in its App Store-including one called Latitude that uses GPS data and other types of information to show users which friends are nearby.
  • In fact, the only reason I don’t sell the Latitude is because I would feel too guilty placing the burden of the Latitude D510 on anyone else’s shoulders.


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