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  • THE POLITICS OF LANIER -- From Allison's piece: Police union leader Kristopher Baumann, who supported Gray during the campaign, said the new mayor will be making a big mistake if he reappoints Lanier, predicting that the glow around her will fade.
  • LANIER -- As for Lanier, needless to say, police union leader Kristopher Baumann is not pleased.
  • Chief Lanier is hot, Superintendent Rhee is hot, and my girlfriend says Mayor Fenty is hot.
  • Lanier is the computer scientist credited with coining the term "virtual reality."
  • Chief Lanier is hot, Superintendent Rhee is hot, and my girlfriend thinks that Mayor Fenty is hot.
  • Like all individualistic persons, Lanier is just afraid to be deleted
  • Lanier is just 33 years old in his first season while 72-year-old Braves coach Davey Whitney has won 495 games in 26 seasons.
  • This thirty-page interview with VR pioneer Jaron Lanier is a mind-blower.
  • If Cathy Lanier is that much of an idiot that she thinks the MPD can prevent another 9/11 international conspiracy when they cant even prevent drivebys in Trinidad, then she is a bigger fucking moron than I give her credit for.
  • The (unsaid) issue that was a stake in Lanier’s piece was his discomfort toward being defined in a way he thinks isn’t representative of his work, therefore the rant on something that isn’t really The issue at stake.