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What is the meaning of Lamb in Hindi?

Meaning of Lamb in Hindi is : मेमना

Definition of word Lamb

  • A young sheep, of up to one year of age. (noun)
    एक वर्ष तक की एक युवा भेड़।
  • Of a sheep, to give birth. (verb)
    भेड़ की, जन्म देने के लिए।

Examples of word Lamb

    • "Did you ever see such a lamb, such a _lamb_ as he is when he's ill?"
    • A little lamb, _lamb_, LAMB, and elaborating that point with anxious gravity, was to receive a practical demonstration of the eternal unfitness of things. "
    • "I don't see much difference," retorted Miss Dabstreak, "except that you say it _is_ lamb, and I say it is _lamb_.
    • This part of the lamb is also cut into cubes for kebabs (brochetas) and stews (guisados.)
    • I always want to get the fish, but then I remember how good the lamb is there and I wus out.
    • For the outstanding characteristic of a lamb is his willingness to be led.
    • Of all the legal sacrifices he chooses to allude to the lambs that were offered, not only because a lamb is an emblem of meekness, and