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What is the meaning of Lake in Hindi?

Meaning of Lake in Hindi is : सरोवर

Definition of word Lake

  • Fine linen. (noun)
    महीन लिनन।
  • To make lake-red. (verb)
    झील-लाल बनाने के लिए।

Examples of word Lake

    • Beyond lake Winipic, the canoes have to pass along many rapids, and through several small lakes, called _Cedar lake_, _Mud lake_, and
    • Mon. 7/19/10 5: 58am 27 LCD bears hit by remotecontrol cars in 2009 good morning, you-all ny! here is the remainder of a city-ditcher's blathering: warbly lake of-cagean-glass silence-breaking reflection inhale-a-bug, 5 calories d0g's lake_ g0d goggle'd
    • Two explanations are given of the origin of the myth of the Kinabalu Lake -- one is that in the district, where it was supposed to exist, extensive floods do take place in very wet seasons, giving it the appearance of a lake, and, I believe there are many similar instances in Dutch Borneo, where a tract of country liable to be heavily flooded has been dignified with the name of _Danau_, which is Malay for _lake_, so that the mistake of the European cartographers is a pardonable one.
    • She points out that there is some irony in living in a "Lake House" without a lake and even though, as I pedantically remind her, the word lake is Anglo-Saxon for "running stream," which we do have, and not a standing body of water, which we don't, her logic does not escape me.
    • The channel to tghe main lake is only about a 1/2 mile east.
    • I take note of the fact that the shore of a certain lake is still – as if you were living – as lovely as before.
    • The warmer the lake is at the end of the year as winter comes in, the more snowfall we're going to get because we're in the lake effects (unintelligible) snow area.