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What is the meaning of LOL in Hindi?

Meaning of LOL in Hindi is :

Definition of word LOL

  • Laughing (or laugh) out loud (initialism)
  • Lots of laughs (occasionally used) (initialism)
  • Lots of love (now obsolete or dated) (initialism)
  • Loyal Orange Lodge, a prefix given to all branches of the Loyal Orange Order. For example, LOL 1 is Portadown branch. (initialism)
  • Denotes light-heartedness or that the thing just said was not intended as serious (interjection)
  • To laugh out loud. (verb)

Examples of word LOL

  • I was scared away by the horrible photoshop skin-render and title, and I'm SO glad I stayed away lol you're my pseudo-official book-testing dummy now LOL
  • LOl I love this- I made Blythe jewelry for a flickr swap like 3 years ago, I think that was her favorite thing in the swap box LOL had no idea I was cutting edge.
  • I think those of us lol fans in the UK will be more likely to associate 7/07 with the terrorist bombings than LOL.
  • December 2, 2009 at 2:14 pm hillairios i love i can has a cheese burger it is so silly like lol mania but some could be a little funnier i mean just the stupid ones this one is on my favorites LOL i make lots of great pics to so yeah add me to your friends list i will be anyones friend
  • March 26, 2007 at 6:43 am lol this is awesome i love MtG and this is so LOL!


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