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What is the meaning of LGBTQ in Hindi?

Meaning of LGBTQ in Hindi is :

Definition of word LGBTQ

  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer(and sometimes questioning) (initialism)
    समलैंगिक, समलैंगिक, उभयलिंगी, ट्रांसजेंडर, क्वीर (और कभी-कभी पूछताछ)

Examples of word LGBTQ

  • The Real World Brooklyn's Education in LGBTQ Issues - Feministing
  • Aside from the obvious disagreement about the ordination of called LGBTQ folks, the questions raised about structure, vision,relationally, etc. are not much different from the ones that I have posed myself from time to time.
  • For example, today forty-two percent of the country's homeless youth identifies as LGBTQ, and, tragically, approximately ninety percent within this group comprise of African American and Latino trans youth from urban enclaves like New York City, Boston and Los Angeles.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is respected and loved by the Catholic Church, namely LGBTQ folks.
  • Consequently, many people in these communities who identify as LGBTQ or Two-Spirited are often alienated and oppressed by their families and fellow community members.
  • More than 42 percent of the country's homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, and approximately 90 percent of that group are African-American and Latino youth from urban enclaves like New York City, Boston and Los Angeles.
  • We have all seen the disproportionate numbers of homeless youth who identify as LGBTQ.
  • By completely ignoring the fact that many students on campus do identify as LGBTQ, the article, along with the responses, are continuing to sustain a society where heterosexism is acceptable and minority populations are completely ignored.