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What is the meaning of Knut in Hindi?

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Definition of word Knut

Examples of word Knut

  • A SAD DAY FOR KNUT: The zookeeper who cared for everyone’s favorite baby polar bear, Knut, was found dead in his apartment at the age of 44.
  • So I thought I'd give them a little pimpage, seeing as the first track from the album, "Knut" is up on YouTube.
  • In spring 2007, the zoo introduced its celebrity resident in what was dubbed "Knut Day," inviting 400 journalists from around the world.
  • Now that Knut is too old to be cute that way anymore, it’s good to have an even more exotic replacement!
  • Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit called Knut's death "awful."
  • As I read the news this morning I couldn't help but doing a double-take when I read the tale of a rather cute polar bear cub in Germany called Knut pictured.
  • CHURCH: While a baby polar bear called Knut survives to warm hearts all across Germany.
  • Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit called Knut's death "awful," telling the B.Z. daily, "we all held him so dear."