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What is the meaning of Kari in Hindi?

Meaning of Kari in Hindi is :

Definition of word Kari

  • A female given name of recent usage, from the Norwegian form of Catherine, or a variant of Carrie or Cary. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Kari

  • My mom and I took my cousin Kari, as the local bridesmaid, shopping for dresses, and everything Kars tried on, Mom said, "I don't know, it's nice, but I wish it had ... something interesting about the back."
  • Maybe I will watch Mythbusters and hope the solution to all my plot problems is in Kari's snark.
  • Even though Kari is on the left, thanks for the straightforward explanation of this sleazy tactic by Scoutmaster Sam.
  • Later, when Hef had whatever confirmation he was looking for, he called Kari Ann into his office and told her she had to leave.
  • Kari is the member that holds them all together with her wisdom and love.


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