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What is the meaning of Kara in Hindi?

Meaning of Kara in Hindi is : कारा

Definition of word Kara

  • The Omotic language which has the ISO code 'kxh' and which is also sometimes called "Karo". (proper noun)
    ओमोटिक भाषा जिसका आईएसओ कोड 'kxh' है और जिसे कभी-कभी "करो" भी कहा जाता है।

Examples of word Kara

  • It has been more than 365 days since you lived with me and therefore according to the LIVING WITH KARA CODE, Article 312.89 titled "After Moving Out or Away" the code clearly states "Items left by former house/roommates will be confiscated by Kara on day 366 following the departure of said house/roommate to be done with as she pleases."
  • But Kara is also a villain after a promising start as an antihero.
  • Â Luckily for the Legionnaires, Kara is every bit the equal of her more famous cousin, and uses her Kryptonian arsenal of super-abilities to simulate THEIR powers and keep the underworld at bay, with a little help from her cat.
  • Â Here, young Kal seems to be in his late teens, while Kara is a grown Kryptonian woman, and the difference between them (in power and battle savvy) really shows.
  • Best Role-Reversal: Clark's cousin Kara returns to Smallville to help him bring down the final season's Big Bad: Darkseid.
  • The current Kara is a time anomaly, or from another timeline.
  • It had been hectic day in Kara'tul with the attacks of vengeful desert people and the frantic efforts of the sauri to perform the ritual that would avert the dreaded eclipse of the sun.
  • I think Kara is definitely some sort of clone they made from her ovary.