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What is the meaning of June in Hindi?

Meaning of June in Hindi is : जूनअ

Definition of word June

  • The sixth month of the Gregorian calendar, following May and preceding July. Abbreviation: Jun or Jun. (proper noun)

Examples of word June

  • Hawthorn blowed, I ft June f AVheat fliot into ear, 24th June* '' '
  • Case 3: Assume a warm December and an exceptionally cold June’€ a diff. between Dec. and June of 4000-5000 KWH/day = 1,000KWH/day, or 42 w.
  • Case 2: Assume a “normal” December and a very hot June’€”a diff. between Dec. and June of 3500-6000 KWH/day = 3,000KWH/day, or 104 w.
  • Even as late as June 15th we find Wellington writing to the Czar in terms that assume a co-operation of all the allies in simultaneous moves towards Paris -- movements which Schwarzenberg had led him to expect _would begin about the 20th of June_. [
  • I see that Bru/Lark DD Omnibus due in June is issues 82-105.
  • George Parker, who signed the game-changing labor contract with Rhee that was approved by members in June, is running for reelection to a three-year term. ...
  • ESPN, starting its own 3D channel in June, is producing Masters 3D coverage being distributed by Comcast.
  • Wildcard: "She Said Destroy" - Death in June (I'm pretty sure Death in June is best classified as "Wildcard")
  • Campaigning for the Lebanese parliamentary elections in June is in full swing, and the Lebanese blogosphere is not skipping a beat.