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What is the meaning of Jacques in Hindi?

Meaning of Jacques in Hindi is :

Definition of word Jacques

  • A male given name occasionally borrowed from French. (proper noun)

Examples of word Jacques

  • This little romance pleased the queen, who sent for Jacques, and gave the pair a wedding portion; while the Marchioness de Travanet wrote the song called _Pauvre Jacques_, which created at the time quite
  • Jacques is made up like the king as they suspect there will be a French revolution, but Jacques just wants to help Mademoiselle Rimbaud (Pamela Stephenson), who is trying to get a pardon for her father.
  • Oh, and I see Jacques is still sporting his Boston Redsox hat.
  • I have a feeling Jacques is doing it because he likes the idea of people struggling with the mole-speak.
  • Kovalchuk has never been known as a strong defensive player and now he will be playing for one of the league's most defensive-oriented coaches in Jacques Lemaire.
  • Listen to my brother-in-law, Jacques, pronounce the French words "abrégé" + "en abrégé": Download abrege. mp3.
  • I now remember about Brain Jacques and his series of books.
  • As far as what we're going to do now, we did bring in Jacques Reeves from Dallas.