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What is the meaning of Insert in Hindi?

Meaning of Insert in Hindi is : सम्मलित करना

Definition of word Insert

  • A key that when pressed switches between the overtype mode and the insert mode of a computer. (noun)

Examples of word Insert

  • In plain English: "Insert the values $zip, $city, and $state into the columns id, city, and state in the char_zipcode table."
  • I did find the 'Insert' -- 'Envelope' approach by using Help, and that worked well with a little experimentation for printing, as your process explained also.
  • There's also a throwback arcade and bar called Insert Coins, where you can rent a table with a big screen and video game consoles for $25 a head an hour - and that's drinks included.
  • You need to call the Insert method of the DataSource in the button click event.
  • If you want to add more video, you will need to look in the upper left hand side of your icon bar for these icons, called the Insert Before and Insert After icons, respectively.


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