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What is the meaning of Inquisition in Hindi?

Meaning of Inquisition in Hindi is : विधर्मियों की परीक्षा और उनको दण्ड देने का एक न्यायालय

Definition of word Inquisition

  • an investigation or inquiry into the truth of some matter (noun)
  • an inquest (noun)
  • a questioning (noun)
  • To make inquisition concerning; to inquire into. (verb)

Examples of word Inquisition

  • Nothing quite says 'medieval' the way the word 'inquisition' does.
  • Nothing quite says medieval the way the word 'inquisition' does.
  • This Wall Street inquisition is just political theater.
  • It was the forecast to each man of what each man might expect in inquisition hall.
  • Whether or not Mr. Levant may possess by ideology or by virtue of his religious or ethnic lineage, a certain bias which would present a kind of imbalance in impartial argument, it cannot be said that Mr. Levant did not possess the freedom of expression to publish the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and the undue expenses he incurred from that earlier inquisition is the real crime.


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