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What is the meaning of Indigenous in Hindi?

Meaning of Indigenous in Hindi is : स्वदेशीय/देशज

Definition of word Indigenous

Examples of word Indigenous

  • SAN JOSÉ, Apr 1, 2010 (IPS) - Solutions to global warming based on the logic of the market are a threat to the rights and way of life of indigenous peoples, the Latin American Indigenous Forum on Climate Change concluded this week in Costa Rica.
  • International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest and Latin American Indigenous peoples 'focal point of the Global Forest Coalition, who is attending the climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany [2] this week.
  • The Territorial Roots of Latin American Indigenous Peoples 'Movement for Sovereignty
  • Over the next week, I devour a guidebook Voon’s given me called Indigenous Fruits of Sarawak, making a checklist of all the fruits that I still want to taste.
  • But we should at least be humble and apologetic for calling our Indigenous ancestors primitive, given the exploitation and disintegration they have experienced in the face of “modernity.”


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