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What is the meaning of Impute in Hindi?

Meaning of Impute in Hindi is : लाछ‌ंन लगाना

Definition of word Impute

Examples of word Impute

  • Impute not this scheme, my beloved friend, either to dejection on one hand, or to that romantic turn on the other, which we have supposed generally to obtain with our sex, from fifteen to twenty-two: for, be pleased to consider my unhappy situation, in the light in which it really must appear to every considerate person who knows it.
  • Impute not every thing, my best beloved, to design, for design it was not —
  • That they might admit of it Impute, therefore, to my officiousness, what you please; and yet I would not wish to disoblige or offend you; but let their indulgence (they never will use their authority) have its full merit with you.
  • Impute not to me your approaching Calamities, which only increase with _Theodora'_s.
  • Said to him: Impute not to me, my lord, the iniquity, nor remember the injuries of thy servant on the day that thou, my lord, the king, wentest out of Jerusalem, nor lay it up in thy heart, O king.


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