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What is the meaning of Hutt in Hindi?

Meaning of Hutt in Hindi is :

Definition of word Hutt

  • A river and valley in Western Australia. (proper noun)
    पश्चिमी ऑस्ट्रेलिया में एक नदी और घाटी।

Examples of word Hutt

  • As Matt Withers mentioned on Sunday, despite stiff competition I won the Wales On Sunday competition for best completing the sentence: I believe Jane Hutt is eminently qualified to be First Minister of Wales because ...
  • Image: Jane Hutt is chuffed she's finally impressed somebody
  • Ziro, Jabba's uncle, originally spoke in Hutt-ese, like Jabba and then he had a different sluggish voice just like Jabba, and then George one day was watching it and said 'I want him to sound like Truman Capote.'
  • But just because Ziro the Hutt is a stereotype, that doesn’t actually make him the first gay "Star Wars" character, Filion insisted.
  • Abba the Hutt is a poster for a notional Star Wars/Abba mashup ( The album includes an irresistible mash up of seventies Swedish pop music and Tatooinish sex funk.
  • I thought that Ziro the Hutt was an interesting character and the day-glo tattoos was a nice touch.
  • Bossban Soergg the Hutt was a grayish, heaving, flaccid lump of flesh and muscle only another Hutt could possibly find attractive.
  • I would Pay to see that, although the Jabba the Hutt is a little scary. greggorybasore
  • Im not sure if Jabba the Hutt is a nudist or just nude.