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What is the meaning of Horror in Hindi?

Meaning of Horror in Hindi is : सन्त्रास

Definition of word Horror

Examples of word Horror

  • Horror is all around us folks ... you just need to look.
  • Horror is a shifting genre, and often is a direct commentary on society, given that Sweden and America have two different takes on society, the depiction will be different.
  • Cooper: Hmmmnh. Could be the punchline to one version of my imaginary vampire film — the scene wherein Our Protagonist Recoils in Horror from a Colorized Version of Nosferatu.
  • There are plenty of "upbeat" ending in horror movies; mostly tacked on by Hollywood producers who don't want to disturb the audience, but don't they realise in essence that's exactly what Horror is there for?
  • In other words, Glee's take on Rocky Horror is more of a sampling than a full taste.


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