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What is the meaning of Horror in Hindi?

Meaning of Horror in Hindi is : सन्त्रास

Definition of word Horror

  • An intense painful emotion of fear or repugnance. (noun)
  • An intense dislike or aversion; an abhorrence. (noun)
  • A literary genre, generally of a gothic character. (noun)
  • An intense anxiety or a nervous depression; this sense can also be spoken or written as the horrors. (noun)

Examples of word Horror

  • Well, imagine *the horror, the horror* when we decided to try California Vegan, went in, and found that California Vegan, which replaced that god awful Thai restaurant, was, in fact, vegan Thai!
  • In the horror of the darkness which enveloped us, the _horror of space_ came over my spirit.
  • S ome are mooting the idea of stripping John C. Yoo of his tenure at Boalt Hall, but I recoil in horror from the notion.
  • Terrified by her vision of the living dead, Orra becomes hyperkinetic, twice dragging male characters backwards to protect them, shrinking in horror from the Countess, kneeling, and running up to console Hughobert.
  • I would almost literally recoil in horror from the book on the bed beside me and my husband would say "why are you reading that if it's so upsetting?"


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