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What is the meaning of Horde in Hindi?

Meaning of Horde in Hindi is : सम्प्रदाय
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Definition of word Horde

Examples of word Horde

  • She-Ra travels with Sorrowful the Dragon into Mysticor where the Horde is cutting trees and taking names.
  • Horde is a 5-player max cooperative mode where you must fend off waves of Locust.
  • 'Protector Trials' will add what sounds very much like a 'Horde'-style mode to BioShock 2's single-player game ...
  • I expected a Gears of War alike 'Horde'-esque mode anyway and although I wasn't expecting a Vs mode I didn't think Capcom would go so low as to charge for it.
  • NOTE: It serves him right for rolling Alliance instead of Horde, which is the preferred faction for Geeks of Doom's WoW Guild.

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