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What is the meaning of His in Hindi?

Meaning of His in Hindi is : उसका

Definition of word His

  • IUPAC 3-letter abbreviation of histidine (abbreviation)
    IUPAC 3-अक्षर हिस्टिडीन का संक्षिप्त नाम
  • Belonging to God. (pronoun)
    भगवान से संबंधित।

Examples of word His

    • His faith has been justified on carrying off with him on a quiet holiday, _His Cousin Adair_, by
    • May He who is the Beloved in the sight of His Father and His Church be near to them and you, and cause you to _feel_ as well as _know_ the truth, that what is sudden sorrow, to our judgments, is only long-prepared mercy in _His_ will whose names are _Wisdom_ and _Love_.
    • _His_ words, and it is because they are His they make us tremble.
    • I must _delight_ to do His will, _because it is His_.
    • Here at one moment He turns with the light of battle in His eyes, bidding His friends who have not swords to _sell their cloaks and buy them_; and at another bids those swords to be sheathed, since _His Kingdom is not of this world_.
    • We have already dealt with one branch of His twofold activity, in _His work through those who believe_.
    • The other branch of His twofold ministry is _His intercession on our behalf_.
    • Now, it is perhaps worthy of mention, that this closely following disciple did not once stop to determine whether it would please Him to give such tender care to this stray child of His, or whether she would be considered doing not just the thing, in _His_ eyes, if she entertained her in the pink room.
    • And when God told His people _His name_, He simply gave them
    • God's holiness is His separateness; let us enter into _His_ separateness from the world; that will be our holiness.