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What is the meaning of Hip in Hindi?

Meaning of Hip in Hindi is : श्रोणि

Definition of word Hip

Examples of word Hip

  • Pesonally my life is so hectic that I could really give a fuck about what these peolpe do outside the booth, "now let us get back to what we call Hip-Hop" ...
  • There is a fundamental truth in Hip Hop that I think is useful for all of us to remember.
  • Hip is a moveable feast and as new wealth arrives, the new residents and professional developers are turning Berlin's bohemia into the new bourgeoisie.
  • He is a minister, community activist, and organizer, and one of the most influential people in Hip Hop political life.
  • What had become a world of it's own would soon begin to mirror the major label Hip Hop scene after a while.


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