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What is the meaning of Hilarious in Hindi?

Meaning of Hilarious in Hindi is : हास्यप्रद

Definition of word Hilarious

  • Very funny; causing great merriment and laughter. (adjective)

Examples of word Hilarious

  • And hilarious -- absolutely hilarious* -- that Dems have no media allies or waterboys, want no biases, etc.
  • Consider This: Although Hilario looks like the word hilarious, many people may not know the traditional Spanish pronunciation is “ee-LAR-ee-oh” with a silent h.
  • Now that is what I call hilarious with a pause of "OMG"!
  • I couldn't believe my eyes: a whole book of that gross humor, drawn in hilarious style?
  • Even more hilarious is the fact that this supposedly evil intrusion of the government into private business and industry is very, very, very close to the Republican plan * from 1993 that was offered as an alternative to the Clintons 'health care plan*.


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