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What is the meaning of Heather in Hindi?

Meaning of Heather in Hindi is : हेदर (झाड़ी

Definition of word Heather

  • An evergreen plant, Calluna vulgaris, with spiky leaves and small purple, pink, or white flowers. (noun)
    एक सदाबहार पौधा, कैलुना वल्गरिस, नुकीले पत्तों और छोटे बैंगनी, गुलाबी या सफेद फूलों के साथ।
  • Of a purple colour with a tint with pink and blue. (adjective)
    गुलाबी और नीले रंग के टिंट के साथ बैंगनी रंग का।

Examples of word Heather

    • The 'county set' have tailored things made out of fine suiting-cloth in heather shades and stripes.
    • If heather is truly a professor of history – then she probably teaches at BOB JONES UNIVERSITY.
    • We also discovered during lunch that heather is very comfortable to sit on.
    • The only place on the heath where the heather is not all-powerful is a low, stony ridge which crosses it.
    • Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’ lines this area, referred to as the heather bed for it once was home to over twenty heaths and heathers.
    • Calluna, the flowering shrub also known as heather, seems to have been appreciated not so much for its beauty as its handiness as a broom.
    • It is called heather honey with a very distinctive flavour.
    • I shaved off the remnants of my moustache, and got inside an ancient suit of what I believe is called heather mixture.
    • In the third-story front room of the house of the shrine dwelt a Scotch artist named MacGuilp, who was a grand amateur of these pipes, and who declared that no sound in the world was so sweet to his ear as the bagpipes: they recalled the heather, haggis, and the Lothians, and the mountain dew, ye ken, and all those sorts of things.