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What is the meaning of He in Hindi?

Meaning of He in Hindi is : वह

Definition of word He

  • The name of the fifth letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others). (noun)
    कई सेमिटिक अक्षरों (फीनिशियन, अरामी, हिब्रू, सिरिएक, अरबी और अन्य) के पांचवें अक्षर का नाम।
  • Refers to a male person or animal already known or implied. (pronoun)
    पहले से ज्ञात या निहित किसी पुरुष व्यक्ति या जानवर को संदर्भित करता है।

Examples of word He

    • “Oh, no, ” said he, “he [Lincoln] won’t enter into the Slave States to disturb the institution of slavery, —he is too prudent a man to do such a thing as that; he only means that he will go on to the line between the Free and Slave States, and shoot over at them.
    •   The only magazine he subscribed to,  he said,  wasScientific American, a publication that I had previously scorned as the trade journal of pre-med students and Nobel Prize winners.
    • In order to get the boxes we'd brought emptied so we could remove them, I went on and put away the kitchen stuff, but told him he was certainly free to move it around where *he* wanted it he was carrying more stuff up, while I did that as a rest for myself.
    • As for doing the same thing with the Democrats – sounds to me like he's decided to do all on his own…and when he succeeds..he won't owe anyone any markers!
    • Because of course what this man *really* means is that he only wants stories that *he* can relate to.
    • Christopher_M it makes sense he is a driving/racing/car hobbyist..he loves cars and racing almost as much as Lucas..
    • What he couldn't tell the Captain, or any of his crew, was something that was so spleen bustingly obvious it gave him physical pain when he  realized  none of them knew why he had taken so long.
    • Many will say he could not afford insurance, funny…..he had is chair he sat in at Hooters with his name on it…
    • Obama is seen as truly authentic so it should be a choice that he would, on his own, make because * he* thinks it's the best person.