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What is the meaning of Hat in Hindi?

Meaning of Hat in Hindi is : हैट

Definition of word Hat

Examples of word Hat

  • So trying to suggest that anyone who uses the term Hat is somehow insecure seems a bit silly to me, almost as silly as when people take such offence to being called a hat.
  • Basically if you want enterprise Linux from the RPM side of the spectrum WITH support, Red Hat is where you want to go.
  • Usually a Black Hat is a person who uses his knowledge of the vulnerabilities and exploits for private gain, rather than disclose, for the public at large or manufacturer for correction.
  • White Hat is when you create accounts on Sphinn, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., fill in your profiles, interact with other people, comment on their blogs, retweet their thoughts, link out to them, etc.
  • Or said differently, White Hat is just about having good content, and then doing the absolute basics, and it will all work out for you.


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