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What is the meaning of Handsome in Hindi?

Meaning of Handsome in Hindi is : सुरूप

Definition of word Handsome

Examples of word Handsome

  • Handsome is as handsome does and when I compare the record of Repukelicans to that of Dimocrats, I see that again and again the Repukelicans line up on the side of corporate interests and that pernicious 1% of the population that has claimed so large a share of our national wealth to the empoverishment of so very many.
  • Handsome is as handsome does, I guess, so I traded it in for a plane-jane Kimber Hunter that worked and shot great.
  • Handsome is short-hand for either too young or too plastic.
  • Last week, in one of his many interviews, Dunlap talked about wanting to be called Handsome Al rather than Chain Saw Al or Nuclear Al. Fat chance.
  • Haymarket, to be entitled the Handsome Chambermaid, or Piety in


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