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What is the meaning of Handsome in Hindi?

Meaning of Handsome in Hindi is : सुंदर
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Definition of word Handsome

  • Pleasing and dignified in form or appearance. See Synonyms at beautiful. (adjective)
  • Generous or copious: a handsome reward. See Synonyms at liberal. (adjective)
  • Marked by or requiring skill dexterity: did some handsome maneuvers on the skating rink. (adjective)
  • Appropriate or fitting: a handsome location for the new school. (adjective)
  • Large: a handsome price; won by a handsome margin. (adjective)

Examples of word Handsome

  • "I give it up," said I. "It's because I'm so _handsome_ -- we're _all_ handsome, you know, and
  • But the word handsome did not even approach the glory of Alec Aarronson.
  • But still he is not quite a — what one calls a handsome man, nor quite
  • I, prompted by that worst of devils, poverty, returned to the vile practice, and made the advantage of what they call a handsome face to be the relief to my necessities, and beauty be a pimp to vice.
  • “I'm not sure about the word handsome,” Joseph said.

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