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What is the meaning of Hack in Hindi?

Meaning of Hack in Hindi is : हैक करना

Definition of word Hack

  • To hack into; to gain unauthorized access to (a computer system, e.g., a website, or network) by manipulating code; to crack. (verb)
  • By extension, to gain unauthorised access to a computer or online account belonging to (a person or organisation). (verb)
  • To accomplish a difficult programming task. (verb)
  • To make a quick code change to patch a computer program, often one that is inelegant or that makes the program harder to maintain. (verb)
  • To work on an intimately technical level. (verb)
  • To strike an opponent's leg with one's hockey stick. (verb)
  • To make a flailing attempt to hit the puck with a hockey stick. (verb)
  • To swing at a pitched ball. (verb)
  • To strike in a frantic movement. (verb)
  • A gouge or notch made by such a blow. (noun)
  • A dry cough. (noun)
  • The foothold traditionally cut into the ice from which the person who throws the rock pushes off for delivery. (noun)
  • A mattock or a miner's pick. (noun)
  • An illegal attempt to gain access to a computer network. (noun)
  • An interesting technical achievement, particularly in computer programming. (noun)
  • A small code change meant to patch a problem as quickly as possible. (noun)
  • An expedient, temporary solution, meant to be replaced with a more elegant solution at a later date. (noun)
  • Time check. (noun)
  • A swing of the bat at a pitched ball by the batter. (noun)
  • A board which the falcon's food is placed on; used by extension for the state of partial freedom in which they are kept before being trained. (noun)
  • A food-rack for cattle. (noun)
  • A rack used to dry bricks. (noun)
  • To lay (bricks) on a rack to dry. (verb)
  • To keep (young hawks) in a state of partial freedom, before they are trained. (verb)
  • Someone who is available for hire; hireling, mercenary. (noun)
  • A taxicab (hackney cab) driver. (noun)
  • An untalented writer. (noun)
  • One who is professionally successful despite producing mediocre work. (Usually applied to persons in a creative field.) (noun)
  • A talented writer-for-hire, paid to put others' thoughts into felicitous language. (noun)
  • A political agitator. (slightly derogatory) (noun)
  • To make common or cliched; to vulgarise. (verb)
  • To ride a horse at a regular pace; to ride on a road (as opposed to riding cross-country etc.). (verb)
  • To be exposed or offered or to common use for hire; to turn prostitute. (verb)
  • To live the life of a drudge or hack. (verb)
  • A small ball usually made of woven cotton or suede and filled with rice, sand or some other filler, for the use in hackeysack. (noun)
  • To play hackeysack. (verb)

Examples of word Hack

  • I'm not 100% well at present and I think it was because I was in a room full of cigarette smoke on saturday night. * hack hack* gonna have to stay away from smokers for awhile.
  • "Like, what about if I only go to work but I promise not to stay late and - * hack hackCOUGH snort hack*"
  • * hack, hack* meanwhile, back in hazard county ...
  • Through misuse, the term hack has become synonymous with illegal activity, such as breaking into a computer system and stealing data, but its original meaning is benign.
  • It's heavily based on the Digital Multiplex theme, main hack is to shift the navbar to the right.


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