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What is the meaning of Gwyn in Hindi?

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Definition of word Gwyn

Examples of word Gwyn

  • First, hawkish columns have been showing up in the Wanker, and now Richard Gwyn is calling upon Canada to support the Americans:
  • Looks like my dear friend Aeryanna (aka Gwyn) has seen Superman and is "in love with Brandon Routh" ... and his "hottie pants".
  • Aeryanna (aka Gwyn) was visiting and she got this great idea that we should write stories about what * LOL* our future spouses would be like, how we met them, and married all that crap, and then compare them.
  • Wet Hill Studios Printmaking Workshops located in Nevada City: For dates and times visit www. wethillstudios.com or call Gwyn, (530) 277-8670.
  • And he had embarked on a passionate affair with an aspiring band-singer, "Gwyn" Conger, that would lead to another failed marriage.
  • -- A reference to Mr. Croker's _Boswell_ (last edit. 1847, p. 181.) may best satisfy ยง N. "Gwyn," says Mr. Croker, "proposed the _principle_, and in many instances the _details_, of the most important improvements which have been made in the metropolis in our day."
  • I found it day before yesterday when I wuz down to the cabin, seein 'about movin' our hogs an 'chickens an' hosses over to Mis 'Gwyn's barn.
  • One possibility is that GP will cancel all accounts for online worlds and social networking sites that 'Gwyn' is signed up for.
  • Sensitively edited by Gwyn Jones, this edition differs from its precursor (and very early) editions in five particulars, all designed to improve its overall modern usage and readability.