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What is the meaning of Gretel in Hindi?

Meaning of Gretel in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gretel

  • A female given name of German origin, diminutive of Margarete. (proper noun)
    जर्मन मूल की एक महिला को दिया गया नाम, मार्गरेट से छोटा।

Examples of word Gretel

  • Hansel and Gretel from the point of view of the witch sexually exploiting Gretel and then eating Hansel in front of her, for example - yum yum!
  • Even fairy tales deliver that — Hansel and Gretel is a story about the danger of strangers.
  • With rich, pure prose Hoffman charts the always unexpected progress of Gretel Samuelson from the time Gretel is a young girl already acquainted with betrayal and grief, until she finally leaves home.
  • These live conversations took place via a messagerie service that the computer pirates called Gretel, identified by a logo of a heart with fluttering eyelashes.
  • Gossip on Gretel, that is, from the folk at Pomona Larvatus Prodeo.
  • In other news, I sent off "Gretel" to an upcoming anthology I happened to hear about, a collection of rehashed and reimagined fairie tales.
  • Can you imagine "Gretel" or maybe "Insomnia" done as a graphic novel, with art by Wes?