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  • Last Modified: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 7: 20 p.m. GREER -- Everyday, the Rev. Steve Watson says he steps out onto the porch of New Jerusalem Baptist Church and sees the homeless men, women and children of Greer walking up and down East Poinsett Street.
  • I guess after jumping the shark and exposing his hypocrisy, Greer is now trying to say he is ok with the inspiring speech from President Obama.
  • Greer is just running for cover aftter a total fool of himself.
  • Sounds like Jim Greer is just spreading lies and hate.
  • Jim Greer is a typical Repubblican ... stirring the pot to promote hatred before he even read the speech.
  • Obviously Greer is an example of how stupid a person can become and still be successful in the republican party.
  • Greer is given the task of figuring out why someone is attacking surrogates, which leads him to suspect the leader of an anti-surrogate faction in a segregated section of the city, Zaire Powell III (aka the Prophet).
  • Greer is typical of the Republicans who oppose everything Obama stands for simply because they cannot tolerate the concept of a black man serving as our President.
  • The main character of the previous volume, Harvey Greer, is here a young police officer assigned to the case.
  • Jim Greer is a moron, and anybody else who claims that "the president would be urging students to “(take) responsibility for their success in school.”" is some sort of liberal propaganda.