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What is the meaning of Google in Hindi?

Meaning of Google in Hindi is : गूगल

Definition of word Google

  • A particular Internet company. (proper-noun)
  • A search engine that popularized the company of the same name. (proper-noun)
  • A service mark owned by Google Inc. (proper-noun)
  • To search for, using Google (or, rarely, another Internet search engine). (verb)
  • To investigate, using Google. (verb)
  • To search on the Internet using Google. (verb)

Examples of word Google

  • Three months after it began redirecting traffic from its censored, China-based google. cn site to a less-regulated site based in Hong Kong, google. hk, Google said Monday night that it would stop sending Chinese users to the Hong Kong page automatically.
  • Images of the tanks on Tienanmen Square in the horrible student suppression, again turned up on the google.cn website results as Google openly challenged the rules by which it has had to play in China.
  • If 40% of the time people said "I'll google it" they then went and used Yahoo or Bing, Google might be a lot less happy about the situation.
  • When people need information, they “google” it and give Google credit for finding information that content creators are desperately working to make findable on Google with the help of a well-paid army of SEO consultants.
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