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What is the meaning of Girard in Hindi?

Meaning of Girard in Hindi is :

Definition of word Girard

Examples of word Girard

  • Today scott and i rode on girard avenue to fish-town on bicycles.
  • December 13th, 2008 at 6:02 pm buying discount sale girard perregaux recheville watches on the internet says:
  • This guy wrote me an e-mail today that went like this: bethany, aaron girard gave me your email and mentioned you were interested in moving to chicago. i tried to get the apartment with him, but i had called too late. aaron said the apartment below his is still open. the rent would be about the same per month. the only difference is you can't see as much of the field.
  • So glad jasmine made it through she is a great through, even more thrilled that matt girard got through but did not like his song choice. meg Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 11: 19 PM EST
  • Take the el to the girard stop & you'd be about a block away.
  • THE-ABSTRACT-LIFE once again, mr. girard saves the day!!!! thanks again.
  • i wanna see a picture of that 7 lb crappie, i think your scale is busted. personnal bests: 7lb largemouth-girard IL, 20lb channel cat Girard IL, 2. 5lb crappie Truman Lake MO, 45lb grass carp Williamsville IL, 5lb smallmouth Ludington MI, 20lb King salmon ludington MI.
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