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What is the meaning of Gillard in Hindi?

Meaning of Gillard in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gillard

  • A surname. (proper noun)
    एक उपनाम।

Examples of word Gillard

  • Gillard is among 10 female heads of state on this year's rankings.
  • A second term Gillard government wouldn't have the numbers required to pass its legislation.
  • News Limited CEO John Hartigan called Gillard's comments unjustified and insisted there was no link between News Corp.'s operations in the U.K. and News Limited in Australia.
  • Abbott today called Gillard's plan a tax that "won't necessarily help the environment," according to a transcript.
  • Joyce says he hasn't called Gillard QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce says the airline has not asked Prime Minister Julia Gillard to intervene in the airline's industrial disputes.