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What is the meaning of Gerard in Hindi?

Meaning of Gerard in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gerard

  • A male given name. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम।

Examples of word Gerard

  • Oh, I'd give anything to have Gerard, _Gerard_, like that!
  • But, like the hapless bricklayer in Gerard Hoffnung's immortal account, who suffered one injury after another until it all became too much, he "must have lost his presence of mind."
  • New Times and USA Today Bestseller, Cindy Gerard, is a 6 time Rita finalist and is proud to display 2 RITAs in her office.
  • Gerard is always an all around actor, comedy, action, romance.
  • Some great casting in Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton plus a range of quality roles for some other familiar brit faces should make this a must see when it arrives in the next few months.
  • Kern hoped that even though the story concerned a "personal grudge, a one-man war," some minor revisions still might be made to show that "Gerard is aware that he is not alone in his fight against the Fascists, that there are others, organized and strong."
  • When the camera refocuses, Gerard is still punching, as Santayana and Dubois try to pull him away.
  • Gerard is decidedly tepid on regarding the traditional workshop as the ultimate pedagogical tool.
  • Calling his bluff, Madeleine says she's glad her husband is dead, raising doubts in Gerard's mind about her commitment to Vaudrec and to fascism.