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What is the meaning of Gc in Hindi?

Meaning of Gc in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gc

Examples of word Gc

  • "In our initial tests, it removes low-level 'Gc' contamination in drugs," said Prof Varki.
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  • Like Gc has said many times, I thank God when liberals with power are incompetent - nt
  • If x = Gc, then es (x) = ces (G) (for G ˆˆ Ï (F));
  • [Gc] This passage is extracted and translated from M. Conseil's work upon the life of Jefferson, entitled "Melanges Politiques et Philosophiques de Jefferson."
  • [Gc] In the United States, the principal clauses of the English law respecting descent have been universally rejected.
  • Being a cnut I walked her into the guardroom to sign her in, and lifted the back of her skirt to show her thonged arrse to the Gc comd, 2i/c
  • Humans only have the "Ac" version, whereas other mammals including chimpanzees also have the "Gc" variety.
  • The human "Ac" sugar competes with the "Gc" variant making it less likely for the animal version to appear in the final product.