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What is the meaning of Gabrielle in Hindi?

Meaning of Gabrielle in Hindi is :

Definition of word Gabrielle

  • A female given name. (proper noun)

Examples of word Gabrielle

  • “Does the name Gabrielle Anderson have any meaning to you?” he asked.
  • Gabrielle is my hero because she started Code n Splode after OSCON 2007, to provide a place for female developers to connect and work on their their presentation skills.
  • By contrast, the TV news producer I know (also libertarian) who shall remain nameless, who thought I was some sort of perv imagining things for detecting lesbian overtones in the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, is just clueless.
  • Mr. Picower's estate, which left $200 million to his wife and $25 million to his daughter Gabrielle, is in ongoing negotiations to hand over assets Mr. Picower received from Mr. Madoff.
  • As Bethany's warnings continue to prove accurate beyond fluke and she begins to offer scientifically precise hints of a final, world-altering cataclysm, Gabrielle is confronted with a series of devastating choices in a world in which belief has become as precious - and as murderousas life itself.
  • This young girl, Gabrielle, is in her second year at the "Fenris Badulf School of Telemarketing Young Overachievers After School Program" funded 100% by the money you send Fenris.
  • Another interesting thing about Gabrielle is that she has written not only stand-alones, but also with a male protagonist, Jack McCain, and a female one, Gemma Lincoln.